Agni (the Digestive Fire in the body) is the one that drives all metabolic processes in the body. Balanced Agni helps in proper assimilation of food and thus maintains the equilibrium of the human body. Pachani Rasayana kindles the digestive fire and helps combat digestive disturbances. The herbs in the formulation are traditionally known to aid the digestion process by improving the appetite & assisting effective digestion.

Pachani Rasayana - 100 Ml

  • Therapeutic uses: Aruchi (Anorexia), Agnimandhya (Loss of Appetite), Ajirna (Indigestion), Truptigna (Satiety), Amlodgara (Sour eructation), Anaha (Bloating), Atopa (Abdominal discomfort).


    Dosage: 2 tsp thrice daily, before or after meals or as directed by the physician.