Indication: Used in the respiratory system related diseases like cold, cough, chronic tonsillitis, chest congestion, athama, allergy, and in digestive system related conditions like distaste, indigestion, hyperacidity, fever, burning sensation in palm and sole

Dose:  1 to  3 grams along with hot water or honey three to four times daily after food( for dry cough sitopaladi churna along with honey and ghee & for productive cough along with honey gives good result). 

Infants: 1 pinch with honey three times a day after feeding.

Children : 4 pinch with honey three times a day after food.

Side effects: may induce mild gastritis in heavy dose, used with caution in diabetic patients as it contain suger.



SI No Sanskrit name Botanical Name Quantity
1 Sitopala Suger 16 Parts
2 Vamshalochana Bambusa bambos 8 Parts
3 Pippali Piper longum 4 Parts
4 Ela Elettaria cardamom 2 Parts
5 Twak Cinnamum zeylanicum 1 Part

Sitopaladi Chruna - 80 grams