Sri Sri Tattva brings you Ujjiyara Detergent Bar. It’s special formula helps remove the toughest stains with ease and improves whiteness performance. Ujjiyara is not harsh on the fabric and maintains its softness

Ujjiyara Premium washing bar

  •  1. Wet the cloth/ clothes.

     2. Apply Ujjiyara Detergent Bar on the entire cloth, cuffs, collars etc. and rub gently.

    3. Wash the clothes and rinse with clean water.

    4. Squeeze out excess water and dry.

  • Acid Slurry 90%, Acusol-445 (Polymer), Aos Liquid, Calcite Powder, Cc Fph Blue 617 Fine P (Blue Past), Dolomite Powder, Lutensol XL70 (None Ionic Surfactant BSF), Megawhite - DT, Perfume Floral Desire, Soap Ston Powder, Soda Ash, Sodium Silicate, Starch, STPP, Fragrance: Fougere, Spicy, Woody, Colour (Old Blue Paste : CI No.: 74160)