Sri Sri Tattva brings you Ujjiyara Washing Powder. Formulated with Oxygen Rich ingredients and Natural Enzymes, it helps remove the toughest of stains with ease. Its Natural Enzymes help improve whiteness performance and soften the fabric, making it look new. Natural Enzymes also help clean clothes thoroughly even in a quick wash and also help remove stubborn stains in the first wash.

Use of Natural Enzymes in this product has also reduced its dependency on the chemicals making it more Human and Nature friendly

Enzymes are often referred as Molecular Miracles. They are biological catalysts, which increase the velocity of biological reactions. Enzymes are eco-friendly solutions that replace traditionally used chemicals.

Ujjiyara Soap Powder

  •  Add 3 spoons of Ujjiyara washing powder in a bucket 3/4th filled with water (For approx for 6-7 Clothes).

    2. Soak clothes for 30 mins.

    3. Wash the clothes and rinse with clean water.

    4. Squeeze out excess water and dry.